Birth Families

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to me as a birth parent?

No. There are never any fees or costs to the birth parents. All fees, expenses, and legal fees are paid by your matched adoptive family.

Do I get to choose a family to raise my child?

Absolutely! We will assist you in choosing the perfect family to raise your child. If you do not want to choose a family, our agency will select the best hopeful family we have that suits the needs of your child.

Can I change my mind and decide to parent my child?

Yes, you can choose to parent your child up until the point you have signed the legal documents to place your child and the 72 hr revocation period.

Can anyone force me to place my child?

No. No one can ever force you to place your child for private adoption. However, you cannot take funds of any kind from hopeful adoptive families if you never intend on placing your child for adoption, or accept funds from multiple adoptive families at the same time. That is considered fraud and is illegal.