Part 1-

Let me start out by saying that having the opportunity to fulfill our first successful match/adoption within our first year of being a licensed adoption agency is incredible! There is so much administrative work that goes into even getting to this point, that when the day finally arrived, it was exciting and petrifying at the same time.

July 22, 2019- UBA received a call from a birth momma wanting information about placing her baby up for adoption…baby due via c-section July 25!

July 23, 2019- We met with birth momma and worked through the necessary questions and answers. Baby will be born with unknown number of congenital health issues. Birth momma wanted to move forward with adoption plan…baby due in 2 days!

July 25, 2019- Visited momma in hospital after her baby was born…baby was born with significantly less health issues than initially anticipated! Praise God!!!

July 26, 2019- Met with momma at the hospital. We talked for a long time…and I gained her trust. Retrouvez ainsi tous les soins de parapharmacie en stock et pas cher ! Gaining her trust was an amazing feeling and a HUGE responsibility! We reviewed six family’s’ profiles and she decided on the perfect family for her baby…”TeamE”. 

This momma was petrified of loosing her child to “the system” because of her history. All she wanted for her baby was for it to be loved, provided for, and raised in a healthy environment by parents that could provide a life she knew she couldn’t. How much more could a mother love her child?!?! And to think some people place negative stigmas on private adoption… 

July 27, 2019- Momma spent all day with her baby in the hospital knowing the following morning she would be meeting the parents she chose to raise her child and handing her baby to them. Momma invited me to meet her baby…absolutely beautiful and perfect…a true miracle from God.

After leaving the hospital, I went to meet with the chosen adoptive parents after they arrived following a 10 hour drive from out of state. They were scared to death, excited beyond belief, and felt like the world was standing still while waiting to meet the momma and baby that would make them parents. 

July 28, 2019- Momma, myself, and adoptive parents all meet at the hospital…tears of joy and pain started to flow. For the next three hours, all of us would gather in momma’s baby’s hospital room and witness this incredibly brave and selfless momma literally hand her newborn baby over to the parents she chose to raise her baby. Momma even helped the new parents out with the first round of scheduled cares…a moment none of us will ever forget.

Following this cares session, momma left her baby’s room, never to return, knowing she had made the right decision for her baby’s health and well-being. I was there for momma to lean on, knowing she had just made the hardest decision of her life.