Patrick and Amanda

from Alaska

Married Since: 2011
Pets: Yes
Stay at Home Parent: No
Other Adopted Children at Home: No
Other Biological Children at Home: Yes

“Thinking about the sacrifice you are making for your child brings tears to our eyes and our hearts feel for you. We pray that you find peace and comfort in knowing that your daughter is going to be so loved and well taken care of.”


Ancestry: Scottish
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Heavy Engine Mechanic
Education: High School
Hobbies: Welding, Building, Coaching soccer, Spending time with family


Ancestry: Puerto Rican
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Records Manager
Education: B.A.
Hobbies: Working out, Playing with our kids, Cooking, Reading


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: All Races / Ethnicities
Preferred Gender of Baby: Female
Religion Child To Be Raised: Christian

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